"Agrestis Bell'Omio BIO”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - BIO


Harvest Time:
Dal 1 Ottobre al 10 Novembre

 “Agrestis Bell’Omio” is an organic, delicate fruity extra virgin olive oil. It is a unique and prestigious, produced exclusively with the “Tonda Iblea” olive of Buccheri.
As all our olive oils, the “Bell’Omio” is made with scrupulous care, from the picking to the grinding, from the preservation to the bottling. We use the most innovative technologies and we follow all the hygiene and quality rules.
We recommend using for simple dishes such as bruschetta, a dip for crudités or legumes. It pairs wonderfully with marinated tuna, tomatoes salads, grilled vegetables, red meat and mid-season cheese.

TYPE OF CULTIVAR: Tonda Iblea, Biancolilla
PRODUCT ORIGIN: 100% Italiano
EVERAGE ALTITUDE: 600/700 mt. A/S/L (above sea level)
TYPE OF TERRAIN: Mostly permeable limestone
TREATMENTS: organic fertilizer
HARVEST TIME: From October the 15st to November the 15th
HARVEST SYSTEM: Manual picking
GRINDING METHOD: Two phases cold extraction
CATEGORY: Medium Fruity
COLOUR: Intense green with golden reflexes
PERFUME and TASTE: On the nose, fruity hints of tomato, fresh cut grass and delicate sensation of basil, apple and artichokes. The flavour is intense but very clean and balanced. It leaves behind a pleasant aftertaste of fresh vegetables.
STORAGE:  Nitrogen storage and temperature controlled room
ORGANISM OF CONTROL: Bioagricert organic farming n° IT BIO 007 C.O. J25S.