"Agrestis Verd'Olivo" - NOVELLO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Harvest Time:
From the 20th September to the 30th. September

“Verdolivo Novello” is a glorious, rich and fruity Extra Virgin Olive oil with a great balance of bitterness and pungency. Its taste is able to satisfy the most exigent experts.
As all our olive oils, the Verd’olivo Novello  is produced with scrupulous care, from the picking to the grinding, from the preservation to the bottling. We use the most innovative technologies and we follow all the hygiene and quality norms.
Recommended for fish starters, salads, white and red meat courses, legumes soup and grilled vegetables.
TYPE OF CULTIVAR : Biancolilla, Nocellara, Moresca e Verdese
PRODUCT ORIGIN: 100% Italian
EVERAGE ALTITUDE: 600/700 mt. A/S/L (above sea level)
TYPE OF TERRAIN: Mostly permeable limestone
TREATMENTS: organic fertilizer
HARVEST TIME: From September the 20th to September the 30th
HARVEST SYSTEM: Manual picking
GRINDING METHOD: Two phases cold extraction
CATEGORY: Fruity, Intense
COLOUR: Intense green
PERFUME and TASTE: In profile balanced, fruity green olive nose identifiable with a great diversity of secondary aromas, especially medium ripe tomato, artichokes, basil and aromatic herbs; great balanced of bitterness and pungency identifiable in nose.
STORAGE:  Nitrogen storage and temperature controlled room.