Our History

For several years, Agrestis has received significant national and international awards, that recognize the quality of the extra virgin olive oil produced from the prestigious Tonda Iblea olive.

The Agrestis Company

The Agrestis company was founded in Buccheri, a picturesque Sicilian village nestled on the slopes of the Iblei Mountains, which with its 820 meters of altitude is the highest municipality of the province of Syracuse. The territory of Buccheri covers 57.38 square kilometers, including arid hills, beautiful forests and ancient ruins.

The Cooperative owns more than 120 hectares of uncontaminated volcanic soil, miles away from the industrializad world, where ancient native olive trees, watered only by rainfall, give a high quality harvest. The temperature range of these incredible mountains strengthens the plants in a completely natural way, which gives olives with these unique properties.

These steep terrains provide the perfect environmental and climatic characteristics for the olive tree, which represents a centuries-old culture in the area, especially for the prestigious Tonda Iblea olive.

In the families of Buccheri, the production of oil and olives is a tradition that has been passed down throw generations.

The beginning

In 2003, Giuseppe Paparone and Lorenzo Nicotra, lifelong friends, started the Agrestis cooperative to protect the many centuries-old olive trees that grew in the nearby, almost abandoned countryside, transforming the small domestic production of oil into a running business and production with a standard. Later, their sons Pietro and Salvatore also joined the project, contributing with their knowledge and passion and bringing innovation and modernity to the already award-winning family business.

The Company Today

Over the years the company has grown and from the initial 5 hectares it now deals with around 120 hectares of olive groves, all converted to organic, between owned countryside and rented land.

The philosophy of the project from the beginning has been to engage in upgrading the environment and the countryside of Buccheri, transforming olive oil, a local product and expression of the Sicilian culinary tradition, into a high quality product.

BuccheriWorld Capital of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In 2015 Buccheri earned the title of World Capital of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil thanks to the prestigious recognition obtained by Agrestis in the international “Sol d’Oro” competition in Verona.

In the year 2021, the town enters the circuit of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and received the title of Most Beautiful Village in Sicily. Furthermore, Buccheri was declared Best Culinary destination by the WFTA association and joints the Borghi dei Tesori circuit.

In 2022, thanks to the growing quality of extra virgin olive oil, the flagship product of the Borgo Ibleo, Buccheri was admitted to the National Association of “Città dell’Olio.

Today there are 20,000 olive trees and they require continuous, hard work throughout the year to keep all stages of production under control.



For several years Agrestis has received important recognitions on a national and international scale, which reward the quality of the extra virgin oil produced from the prestigious Tonda Iblea olive, which presents all its best characteristics in the territory of Buccheri.


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